A Look Back to the Future

The Colorado Dental Association celebrated its 130th Anniversary this week.  I look at this as an opportunity to reflect on the rich history of the organization while at the same time, using it as a time to look forward to the future of the organization.

In our strategic plan the CDA board approved in January, we recognized the importance of building an “organization for the future”.  In five to ten years, baby boomers will be retiring in great numbers and the largest membership group will be millennial dentists.

This creates an opportunity for the CDA to focus on the needs of an entire new profession.  It presents a challenge, but one that organizations across the country are going to wrestle with.

Personally, I am using this an an opportunity to reconnect my personal passions to my work.  Admittedly, that has been something missing.  This blog itself is a reflection on those passions and how I am using those passions to better my work. Expect to see and read more.