CDA Foundation Unveiled


The Colorado Dental Association recently unveiled its new non-profit, the CDA Foundation. Our new foundation is aligned with the access to care mission of the CDA and will work to support the Dental Health Matters campaign. It replaces the CDA Charity and Education Fund.

Working For You

Moving forward, the CDA Foundation will play an active role in the work of the CDA. It will support the public relations for the CDA’s Dental Health Matters initiative, which will increase discussions about oral health and the dental profession in Colorado communities and advocate for smart improvements that increase access to dental care. It will support expanding dental services in rural Colorado and creating new locations for dentists to practice. It will play a part in creating community dental health coordinators, a concept the American Dental Association developed, who work in underserved rural and urban communities, bringing more people into the oral healthcare system. The CDA Foundation will serve as an integral partner for what the CDA is seeking to achieve through its legislative strategy and, in turn, will become a valuable benefit to CDA members.

Join us in our Mission

The CDA Foundation needs support from the dental community and our network of partners. If you wish to learn more about the CDA Foundation or to make a financial commitment, please contact me at or 303.740.6900.


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